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Rolex Terminology Part 2

Updated: Jul 30, 2020

MichaelKors Outlet - Rolex, besides being known as one of the iconic watches, celebrity endorsements, and being the most powerful luxury brand in the world, has more culture and that's its own lexicon. Rolex has coined a lot of their own terminology to differentiate themselves from the competition. In addition, Rolex enthusiasts have continued the tradition by creating their own nicknames and labels when referring to specific watches and design judi bola features. Rolex Terminology: - Oyster Bracelet One of the famous bracelets Rolex Oyster bracelet sport has been around since the 1930s and includes a link configuration of three flat pieces. - Oyster Perpetual The label given to those Rolex watches including a waterproof Oyster case and a "perpetual" self-winding movement. All modern Rolex watches (apart from the Cellini collection) fall into the Oyster Perpetual family. This should not be confused with the mix parlay model Oyster Perpetual, which is the entry-level of Rolex watch. - Parachrom Hairspring The oscillator regulates the accuracy within a mechanical movement and consists of a spiral and a wheel balancing. Patented blue Parachrom hairspring of Rolex is resistant to magnetic fields and up to ten times more resistant to shocks than standard daily spirals. - Pearlmaster Bracelet In 1992, Rolex launched a more precious version Datejust ladies watch with Pearlmaster jewelry. Along with construction of gold and precious stones, distinctive feature of the watch is its Pearlmaster with rounded five-piece links and Crownclasp. - Perpetual Movement Rolex invented the first automatic movement driven by a perpetual rotor world in 1931, known as perpetual motion. Not only is this intelligent mechanism in the nucleus of each automatic movement Rolex, but it also provides the basic structure for nearly menang kalah seri every modern automatic watch thereafter.

- President Bracelet One of the famous Rolex bracelets, this bracelet includes a semicircular configuration of three links. It is manufactured exclusively in either 18K gold or platinum and is always equipped with a Crownclasp. This bracelet made its debut in the Day-Date watch in 1956.

- Ring Command Bezel Found in Yacht-Master II and Sky-Dweller models, this bezel controls the portions of the mechanical movement and works in conjunction with the crown of the string to set and adjust various functions on the clock tas branded. - Ringlock System Is in the Deepsea diving watch, the Ringlock system comprises a nitrogen-alloyed steel core ring, one crystal 5.5 mm thick convex sapphire and a titanium caseback. This system allows the Deepsea to dive safely to 3,900 m (12,800ft) -well beyond the depth anyone could survive. - Rolesor A part of the lexicon of Rolex since 1933, Rolesor relates to the use of both gold and steel Rolex watch. Often referred to as two-tone Rolesor, it can mean a combination of yellow gold and steel, and steel rose gold or white gold and steel. paket bola - Rolesium Referring to the use of platinum and steel Rolex watch as it is exclusively found within the Yacht-Master collection. - Superlative Chronometer Officially Certified Found in most modern areas of Rolex, the "Officially Certified Superlative Chronometer" label indicates that the watch is COSC-certified as a chronometer and has passed a series of rigorous internal testing to offer watches the reliability, accuracy and durability we have come to expect from a Rolex watch. In 2015, Rolex redefined the SCOC designation to ensure an accuracy rating of -2 / + 2 seconds per sepatu branded day. - Triplock and Twinlock Winding Crown An integral component to the water resistance of the Oyster case is the construction of the winding crown, which is screwed down to the case to keep water out. Twinlock winding crowns have two sealed areas while Triplock winding crowns have three mks sealed portions to keep the watch watertight.

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