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The Psychology behind Designer Handbags

MichaelKors Outlet - A woman strolls into one of the massive flagship stores on London’s Bond Street, where she is welcomed by a vast display of handbags. Purses, totes, cross-body, baseball style, shoulder bags and with price tags more than $1000 . She is seriously businesslike in her approach. Wasting no time, she points at all five. The story was told with both amusement and delight by the mix parlay shop manager.

Bags are ones of the items that every fashion brand hopes will sustain them through easy times and hard ones. The merchandise that has been relied upon for sales when ready-to-wear has a weak season, or in better times, is just the beautiful, high- icing on the cake, decorating shop windows and providing amazement, while also contributing only a small percentage to the tas branded bottom line.

You might have thought that there had been enough bags in the world to see us through to Armageddon. Every season the displays of the world’s biggest fashion houses are full of new ranges of handbags to tempt their customers. Devoted PRs are given the task of coaxing about the latest and most telling details, the reworked chains on the handles, the modern clasp, the soft-sided conspicuous lightness, the elegance of simplicity of the handheld style. Not only that, with every season comes the introduction of the new ‘icon’ bag — a mks phrase that makes me wince every time I hear it, for its being overused, and which should only be employed in the case of something truly engaging.

Still, handbags do much more than just the role they fulfill. Within the canon of fashion items, the handbag may be a relative newcomer having arrived as the new trend in town in the early 20th century. Hermès’ interesting monograph in “Carried Away”, an elegant illustrated volume, published to accompany a former menang kalah seri “Le Cas du Sac” exhibition, features an ancient rock painting in Algeria, where one of the terracotta figures seems to have a purse in the crook of their elbow. However as civilisation evolved, bags were seldom attached to the body and were relegated to the company of animals and servants.

The handbag was part of the changes caused after the First World War and the escalating emancipation of women, for whom carrying a bag became an indication of independence and stature. Women had their own money and bank accounts, and keys to their own sepatu branded properties and cars , and they desired the whole planet to know about it. What better reason to flaunt their trendy clutch of the 20s instead of having to burrow for necessities in hidden pockets beneath voluminous skirts? Women carried cigarette cases and lighters and commenced to make a show of applying makeup in public, therefore judi bola lipsticks and powder compacts became a part of every woman’s daily arsenal.

Something for everybody then, as retailers get their hopes up for the approaching vacation period. Not everyone may be like the bulk purchaser at the start of this piece, but finally, handbags have one big advantage: there is no danger of gifting the incorrect size. In the end, nobody has ever picked up a paket bola handbag and asked, "Does it make me look fat?"

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