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Rolex Terminology Part 1

Updated: Mar 11, 2021

Rolex, besides being known as one of the iconic watches, celebrity endorsements, and being the most powerful luxury brand in the world, has more culture and that's its own lexicon. Rolex has coined a lot of their own terminology to differentiate themselves from the competition. In addition, Rolex enthusiasts have continued the tradition by creating their own nicknames and labels when referring to specific watches and design features. Rolex Terminology: - Cerachrom Bizel Released in 2005, Cerachrom is the Tas Branded patented approach of Rolex to a high-tech ceramic bezel. The word "Cerachom" is a compound word mixing the words "ceramic" and "Chrom," the ancient Greek word for color. Most of the Rolex sport watches today come equipped with a Cerachrom bezel thanks to its resistance both to fading and scratching. - Chronergy Escapement An important component of a Sepatu Branded mechanical movement is escapement. The main source of energy is taken from the coiled mainspring and distributed in small and monitored increments for the remainder of the movement, which in turn produces the familiar ticking sound. In 2015, Rolex introduced its patented exhaust Chronergy the new caliber judi bola 3255. The Increased efficiency of the Chronergy escapement made way for an increase in the reserve of power. - Chromalight Chromalight refers to luminescent material of Rolex used in the dial and bezel of sometimes some of their current watches. It glows in the dark blue instead of the more typical green and lasts up to eight hours. It made its debut in 2008 on the then-new DeepSea Sea Dweller and has since made its way to other types of Rolex michaelkors outlet watches.

- Cosmograph Was Introduced in 1963 and was the new generation of Rolex chronograph watch. While Cosmograph is the official Rolex name for their chronographs watches, today, this family of famous luxury sports watches is simply known as the Daytona. - Cyclops The term for the lens loaded to extend the date menang kalah seri window at three o'clock. Placed on the outside of the glass, which was released in 1954 in a Datejust model and has since become a signature trait in almost all Rolex watches with a date window. - Link Easy The patented system Easylink mix parlay extension allows the user to extend the length of an Oyster bracelet for 5 mm without tools.

Read more :10 Most Famous Handbag Designers (6 - 10) - Everose Refers to Rolex's exclusive 18k rose gold alloy providing an ideal blend of gold, platinum and copper color that is not only different but also the one that will never fade. - Fliplock Extension Found on Rolex's extreme diver's watches like the Sea-Dweller and the Deepsea, this allows the Oyster bracelet to be adjusted by a further 26mm to accommodate thick wetsuits. - Glidelock Clasp Similar to the Fliplock, it also allows extension of the bracelet to fit around a diving suit, but this time with a length of 20 mm in 2 mm increments. In addition to Sea-Dweller and Deepsea, this is also equipped in modern bracelets of modern Submariner diving watches. paket bola - Jubilee Bracelet Jubilee bracelet, one of the famous MKS bracelets of Rolex, includes a configuration of five arms and first introduced in the Datejust watch inaugural in 1945.

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